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The ACES Journal is devoted to the exchange of information in computational electromagnetics, to the advancement of the state of the art, and to the promotion of related technical activities. A primary objective of the information exchange is the elimination of the need to "re-invent the wheel" to solve a previously solved computational problem in electrical engineering, physics, or related fields of study.

The ACES Journal welcomes original, previously unpublished papers, relating to applied computational electromagnetics. All papers are refereed.

A unique feature of ACES Journal is the publication of unsuccessful efforts in applied computational electromagnetics. Publication of such material provides a means to discuss problem areas in electromagnetic modeling. Manuscripts representing an unsuccessful application or negative result in computational electromagnetics is considered for publication only if a reasonable expectation of success (and a reasonable effort) are reflected.

The technical activities promoted by this publication include code validation, performance analysis, and input/output standardization; code or technique optimization and error minimization; innovations in solution technique or in data input/output; identification of new applications for electromagnetics modeling codes and techniques; integration of computational electromagnetics techniques with new computer architectures; and correlation of computational parameters with physical mechanisms.

The ACES Journal is abstracted in INSPEC, in Engineering Index, DTIC, Science Citation Index Expanded, the Research Alert, and to Current Contents/Engineering, Computing & Technology.

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  1. Make sure the paper follows the ACES Journal Template (DOC)
  2. Papers that do not follow the template will not be processed for review
  3. Six (6) printed pages are allowed for free printing after acceptance. Payment for extra printed pages will have to be completed on line before publication.
  4. As of April 1, 2015 corresponding authors will not have a free membership in the society for publishing in the Journal
  5. As of April 17, 2019, there is $300 basic publication charge assigned to each paper for ACES members ($320 charge for non-ACES members). Corresponding authors should be active members of the society at the time of submission and the time of publication in order to receive the reduced charge.
  6. Authors agree to the Section V Over page Charge terms listed in the aforementioned Paper Template
  7. To have a published paper in the ACES Journal to be publicly accessible from the ACES website (not requiring an ACES account), a $300 (for non-ACES members) or $200 (for ACES members) fee is applied.