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Title: Modeling of Weakly Conducting Thin Sheets in the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Shielding Effectiveness Evaluation
Abstract: This paper presents a modeling of weakly conducting thin sheets in the time domain discontinuous Galerkin method. This interface condition is used to avoid the mesh of resistive sheets in order to evaluate the shielding effectiveness in high frequency electromagnetic compatibility problems. This condition is valid when the thickness of the sheet is smaller than the skin depth. This approach is validated by a comparison with an analytical solution. A 1D two sheets example, 2D and 3D cavities are treated to illustrate the efficiency of the condition.
Author(s): M. Boubekeur, A. Kameni, A. Modave, L. Bernard, L. Pichon
File Type: Journal Paper
Issue:Volume: 28      Number: 10      Year: 2013
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Title: Radio Frequency Attenuation by Rocket Plume From Ground Study to In-flight Prediction
Abstract: Radio frequency communication between the space launcher and the mission control are unusually disturbed by the exhaust plume present in rocket engines. This paper presents the computation of radio wave propagation through the exhaust plume. Thus, frequencydomain finite element method and time-domain discontinuous Galerkin method are implemented for computations in case of a ground domain experiments. Numerical results compared to those obtained from ground experiment show good approximation of the propagation through the plasma over a wide frequency band. For the launcher in flight, an asymptotic method is proposed and has the advantage to give a fast evaluation of the scattering solution. In this case, the exhaust plume area is considered as a perfectly conducting trapezium whose parameters are extracted from the distribution of the plasma permittivity. Results related to the asymptotic method appear to be in good agreement with results based on the full wave approaches.
Author(s): E. Dieudonne, A. Kameni, L. Pichon, D. Monchaux
File Type: Journal Paper
Issue:Volume: 32      Number: 11      Year: 2017
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