ACES Awards

2017ACES Computational ElectromagneticsYahya Rahmat-SamiiFor pioneering contributions in analysis, optimizations, novel designs, and measurement of modern antennas for diverse applications
2017ACES Technical AchievementQing Huo LiuFor pioneering contributions to spectral and multiscale methods in computational electromagnetics, and to subsurface sensing and imaging of complex media
2017ACES Meritorious ServiceOzlem KilicIn recognition of exceptional service to the ACES Society for over a decade, particularly in founding and successfully launching the new ACES Express Journal
2017ACES Early CareerSalvatore CampioneFor innovative contribution to the electromagnetic modeling of complex systems, and structures from microwave to optical frequencies
2017FellowBranislav NotarosACES Fellow Award
2016ACES Computational ElectromagneticsJianming JinFor pioneering work in the development of finite elements in electromagnetics
2016ACES Technical AchievementRandy HauptFor pioneering application of numerical and signal processing techniques to the analysis and design of antenna arrays
2016Outstanding ServiceAndrew F. PetersonFor sustained and exceptional leadership and service to all aspects of ACES for more than 25 years
2016ACES Early CareerMohamed SwillamFor utilization of computational methods to propose novel designs and devices for wide range of applications
2015ACES Computational ElectromagneticsWeng Cho ChewPioneering contributions to fast algorithms for electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering methods
2015ACES Technical AchievementDouglas H. WernerPioneering the wide-spread use of global optmization techniques for antenna array and metamaterial design
2015ACES Early CareerZhen PengOutstanding contributions to domain decomposition methods in CEM
2015Outstanding ServiceAlistair DuffyOutstanding service to ACES activities including Editor-in-Chief for ACES Newsletter and Associate Editor-in-Chief for ACES Journal
2015Valued ServiceFan YangFor serving as Associate Editor-in-Chief for ACES Journal
2015FellowJianming JinACES Fellow Award
2015FellowAbd A. ArkadanACES Fellow Award
2015FellowMagdy F. IskanderACES Fellow Award
2014ACES Computational ElectromagneticsEdmund K. MillerFor contributions to time and frequency domain methods in computational electromagnetics
2014ACES Meritorious ServiceSami BarmadaFor exemplary and dedicated service to the society including the annual conference and the ACES Journal
2014ACES Early CareerKhaled ElMahgoubFor his contributions to the advancement of RFID technology
2014ACES Technical AchievementJianming JinFor numerous contributions to the development of finite elements in electromagnetics
2014Exemplary ServiceMohammed BakrFor serving as Associate Editor-in-Chief for ACES Journal
2014Exemplary ServiceMohamed AbouzahraFor serving as Associate Editor-in-Chief for ACES Journal
2014FellowSami BarmadaACES Fellow Award
2014FellowKubilay SertelACES Fellow Award
2014Outstanding ServiceAtef ElsherbeniFor serving as 2013 ACES Symposium Chair
2014Outstanding ServiceC. J. ReddyFor serving as 2013 ACES Symposium Chair
2014Oustanding ServiceOsama MohamedFor serving as 2013 ACES Symposium Chair
2013FellowNathan IdaACES Fellow Award
2013FellowUlrich JakobusACES Fellow Award
2013FellowYahya Rahmat SahmiiACES Fellow Award
2013Outstanding ServiceAndy PetersonFor serving as ACES President
2013Outstanding ServiceJin Fa LeeFor serving as 2012 ACES Symposium Chair
2013Outstanding ServiceKubilay SertelFor serving as 2012 ACES Symposium Chair
2013ACES Computational ElectromagneticsDonald R. Wilton
2013ACES Technical AchievementAtef Elsherbeni
2013ACES Meritorious ServiceAllen W. Glisson
2013ACES Early CareerOzgur Ergul
2012FellowC. J. ReddyACES Fellow Award
2012FellowLevent GurelACES Fellow Award
2012Outstanding ServiceC. J. ReddyFor serving as 2011 ACES Symposium Chair
2012Outstanding ServiceErik VedelerFor serving as 2011 ACES Symposium Chair
2011Outstanding ServiceLauri Sydanheimo Outstanding Service as General Chair of the 2010 ACES Symposium
2011Outstanding ServiceLeena UkkonenOutstanding Service as General Chair of the 2010 ACES Symposium
2011FellowAmir ZaghoulACES Fellow Award
2011FellowAhmed KishkACES Fellow Award
2011Outstanding ServiceOsama MohammedOutstanding Service as ACES President
2011Outstanding PaperDiego Caratelli and Alexander Yarovoy“Design and Full-Wave Analysis of Cavity-Backed Resistively Loaded Circular-End Bow-Tie Antennas for GPR Applications – Part I&II” Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, vol. 25 , no. 10, October 2010.
2010FellowHarold A. SabbaghACES Fellow Award
2010FellowJohn W. RockwayACES Fellow Award
2010FellowJohn L. VolakisACES Fellow Award
2009FellowRandy L. HauptACES Fellow Award
2009FellowTodd H. HubingACES Fellow Award
2009FellowLeo C. KempelACES Fellow Award
2009FellowEdmund K. MillerACES Fellow Award
2008Outstanding Student PaperDouglas Woten"Breast Skin Effect on Scattered Electromagnetic Fields"
2008FellowOsama MohammedACES Fellow Award
2008FellowDoug WernerACES Fellow Award
2008FellowRichard AdlerACES Fellow Award
2008FellowAndy PetersonACES Fellow Award
2008FellowAtef ElsherbeniACES Fellow Award
2008FellowAllen GlissonACES Fellow Award
2008Exemplary ServiceBruce ArchembeaultOutstanding Service as ACES Newsletter Editor
2008Exemplary ServiceSami BarmadaOutstanding Service as 2007 ACES Symposium Chair
2007Valued ServiceOsama MohammedOutstanding Service as 2006 ACES Symposium Chair
2006Valued ServiceMagdy IskanderOutstanding Service as General Chair of the 2005 ACES Symposium and IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications
2006Outstanding PaperJoon Shin, Allen W. Glisson, and Ahmed A. Kishk“ Generalization of Surface Junction Modeling for Composite Objects in an SIE/MoM Formulation Using a Systematic Approach,” Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 1-12, March 2005.
2006Outstanding PaperH. Ke and T. Hubing“A modified LU recombination method for improving the performance of boundary element methods at low frequencies,” Journal of the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 178-185, Nov. 2005.
2005Valued ServiceTapan SarkarOutstanding Service as 2004 ACES Symposium Chair
2004Valued ServiceAtef ElsherbeniOutstanding Service as 2003 ACES Symposium Chair
2003Outstanding PaperH. Wang, C. Guo and T. HubingApplication of hierarchical higher-order tangential vector finite elements in a hybrid FEM/MoM Method. Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 1-11, March 2003.
2002Outstanding PaperTorlief Martin and Lars Pettersson"FDTD Time Domain Near-to Far-Zone Transformation Above a Lossy Dielectric Half-Space". (ACES Journal Vol. 16, No. 1, March 2001 p45-52)
2002Spark PlugShirly DipertExpert and cheerful contributions to ACES Symposium
2002MainstayWolfgang HoeferOutstanding promotion and support of the annual ACES conference
2002FoundersTodd HubingSustained support of ACES, including pioneering work on the ACES Web Site
2002Exemplary ServiceAllen Glisson and Ahmed KishkJournal co-Editors-in-Chief (1998-2001)
2002Valued ServiceAdalbert KonradNominations Committee Chair (1995-2002) and contributions to ACES Journal
2002Valued ServicePing WernerElections Committee Chair (1995-2001)
2002Valued ServiceLeo C Kempel2001 Conference Chair 17th Annual Symposium
2001Outstanding PaperDaniel Erni"Application of Evolutionary Optimisation Algorithms in Computational Optics". (ACES Journal Vol. 15, No. 2, July 2000 p. 43-60)
2001FoundersRobert BevenseeLong-standing and steadfast support of ACES
2001FoundersStanley KubinaLong-standing contributions to ACES
2001Exemplary ServiceAndrew DrozdContinuous service as Newsletter Editor for the Technical Feature Article
2001Exemplary ServiceAtef ElsherbeniLeadership and contributions as Electronic Publishing Managing Editor, (1999-2001)
2001Valued ServiceDouglas WernerOutstanding services as 2001 ACES Symposium Chairman
2000Valued ServiceRandy HauptDedicated leadership as Charman of 15th Annual Review of Progress
1999Best Student PaperJurgen Rebel, Martin Aidam, and Peter Russer"A Numerical Study on the Accuracy of TLM/SCN Formulation for the Solution of Initial Value Problems". (Page 628 of Proceedings)
1999FoundersHarold A SabbaghOutstanding service as ACES President
1999Outstanding PaperS Kaskyap, M Burton, and A Louie"A Stabilizing Scheme for the Explicit Time-Domain Integral-Equation Algorithm". (ACES Journal Vol. 13 No. 3)
1999Valued ServiceJianming JinDedicated leadership as Chairman of 14th Annual Review of Progress
1999MainstayAdalbert KonradOutstanding service to the ACES Journal
1998Best Student PaperDaniel S Weile, Eric Michielssen, and K Gallivan"Rational Krylov Reduced Order Modeling of Multiscreen Frequency Selective Surfaces".
1998FoundersDuncan BakerOutstanding sercie to the ACES Journal
1998Outstanding PaperNorio Takahashi"Verification of Software for Electromagnetic Field Analysis Using Models Proposed by Investigation Committees in IEE of Japan". (ACES Journal Vol. 12 No. 3)
1998Valued ServiceEric MichielssenDedicated leadership as Chairman of 13th Annual Review of Progress
1997Best Student PaperEric A Jones and William T Joines"Improved Computational Efficiency by Using Sub-regions in FDTD Formulations".
1997Exemplary ServiceJ P A BastosOutstanding service to the ACES Journal
1997Outstanding PaperM F Catedra"A Moment Method Formulation for teh Analysis of Wire Antennas Attached to Arbitrary Conducting Bodies Defined by Parametric Surfaces". (ACES Journal Vol. 11 No. 2)
1997Valued ServiceRichard K GordonDedicated leadership as Chairman of 12th Annual Review of Progress
1997MainstayKeith W WhitesOutstanding services to the ACES Journal and the Annual Review of Progress
1996FoundersEdmund K MillerExceptional leadership in the establishment of short courses and tutorials
1996Exemplary ServiceGerald J BurkeOutstanding contributions to the society newsletter
1996Outstanding PaperUlrich Jakobus and Friedrich M Landstorfer"Current-based Hybrid Moment Method Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Problems". (ACES Journal Vol. 10 No. 3)
1996Valued ServiceRay J LuebbersDedicated leadership as Chairman of 11th Annual Review of Progress
1996MainstayAndrew F PetersonDedicated service as Treasurer and Chair of Finance Committee
1995Exemplary ServiceOsama MohammedSubstantial contributions at the chapter level in conference technical sessions, intersociety relations, and special promotional projects
1995Exemplary ServiceBrian A AustinSubstantial contributions at the chapter level in promoting ACES within South Africa and UK
1995Outstanding PaperPaul M Goggans and Ahmed A Kishk"Electromagnetic Scattering from Two-Dimensional Composite Objects".(ACES Journal Vol. 9 No. 1)
1995Valued ServiceAndrew J TerzuoliExemplary initiative, innovation, and leadership in his capacity as ACES '94 Conference Chairperson
1995MainstayJames K BreakallInitiative and sustained service as ACES Treasurer during 1986-1992
1995Outstanding PaperKishk, A. A. and P. M. Goggans"Scattering from two dimensional composite objects," Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, vol 9, no. 1, pp. 32-39, March 1994.
1994FoundersRichard W AdlerExceptional visions and leadership in his distinguished and sustained service as Executive Officer, ACES Review Local arrangements Coordinator, Managing Editor of ACES' Publications, former ACES Secretary, and unofficial Strategic Planner
1994FoundersJames C LoganExceptional visions and leadership in his distinguished and sustained service as financial officer and former Treasurer, Vice President, and President of ACES
1994FoundersAnthony BrownExceptional visions and leadership in his distinguished and sustained service as co-founder of NEC UK Users Group and of the first regional Chapter of ACES
1994FoundersPaul ElliotExceptional visions and leadership in his distinguished and sustained service as Editor of ACES Newsletter and as an innovator in technical publishing
1994Exemplary ServiceHarold A SabbaghSubstantial contributions at the committee level in regional activities, intersociety relations, and validation of computational techniques
1994Exemplary ServiceKenzo MiyaSubstantial contributions at the committee level in promoting ACES within Japan and elsewhere
1994Exemplary ServiceAdalbert KonradSubstantial contributions at the committee level in scholarly publications, intersociety relations, and special promotions projects
1994Exemplary ServiceReinaldo PerezSubstantial contributions at the committee level in publications and in special promotional and marketing projects
1994Exemplary ServiceJohn W WilliamsSubstantial contributions at the committee level in scholarly publication and ACES Journal promotion
1994Outstanding PaperKent Davey"Solution of Team Benchmark Problem #9 Handling Velocity Effects with Variable Conductivity". (ACES Journal Vol. 8 No. 2)
1994Outstanding PaperR Craig Bauke"An Application of the Hybrid Moment Method/Green's FUnction Technique to the Optimization of Resistive Strips". (ACES Journal Vol. 8 No. 2)
1994Outstanding PaperReinaldo Perez"Electromagnetic Computational Methods in the Teaching of Electromagnetic Compatibility". (ACES Journal Vol. 8 No. 1)
1994Valued ServiceJodi NixExemplary initiative and innovation, in her capacity as ACES '94 Symposium Facilitator, in promoting ACES '94 worldwide, and in arranging new types of symposium activities and technical sessions
1994Valued ServiceChristopher C SmithForesight and initiative in establishing ACES Code User Group Committee
1994MainstayPatricia AdlerInitiative and sustained service throughout ACES' 9 year period in publications, productions, ACES Review support, and member services administrations
1994MainstayShing Ted LiStarting and pioneering the ACES Elections-by-mail Program
1994MainstayLee CorringtonStarting and pioneering the ACES Awards program
1994MainstayJohn W RockwayStarting and managing the ACES Review short course program
1993TechnicalRonald J MarhefkaThe development of NEC-BSC
1993TechnicalEdgar CoffyContributions to technology development, formulations hybridizations, computer code development, and the development of training courses-- most visibly evident is GEMACS code
1993Best PaperD H Werner and P L Werner"An Exact Expression for the Vector Potential of a Uniform Current Cylindrical Antenna". (Published in 9th Annual Review of Progress in ACES)
1993Valued ServiceAnthony FlemingExemplary service in arranging the first ACES-oriented regional workship outside USA
1993Valued ServicePerry WhelessUntiring effotrs as Chairman which ensured the success of the 9th Annual Review of Progress in ACES
1993MainstayDuncan BakerExemplary service in recruiting new international members and increasing international awareness of ACES
1993MainstayPatricia FosterExemplary service in support of ACES activities and membership recruiting in UK
1992Valued ServicePatricia FosterOutstanding services as the 1992 ACES Symposium Chairwoman
1991Valued ServiceFrank WalkerPosition as Conference Chairman
1989Publication & PromotionsDavid Stein
1989Publication & PromotionsRobert Bevensee
1989Technical AchievementGerald Burke
1989FoundersEdmund Miller
1989Valued ServiceMichael Thorburn
1989MainstayRichard Adler