ACES Committees

ACES Committees

Finance Committee:

Andy Peterson

Publications Committee:

Atef Elsherbeni

Newsletter and Publicity:

C.J. Reddy, Kubilay Sertel, and Khaled ElMahgoub

Journal Editor in Chief:

Atef Elsherbeni

Conference Committee:

Osama Mohamed

Constitution and Bylaws Committee:

Randy Haupt

Membership and Communications Committee:

Sami Barmada

Awards and Membership Grades Committee:

Atef Elsherbeni

ACES Fellows Committee:

Abd Arkadan

Standards and Validation Committee:

William O'Keefe Coburn

Nominations and Elections Committee:

William O'Keefe Coburn

Ethics and Publication Conduct:

Amir Zaghloul

Industry Relations Committee:

C. J. Reddy